Origin of Koudekerke

The origins of the Walcheren village of Koudekerke date back to 1067. Today, the classical church ring village has grown to be the largest village in the municipality of Veere. A typical feature of Koudekerke is that the Michael's Church is at the center of the village with the streets surrounded by a ring. Huis der Boede and Ter Hooge are examples of country estates that arose because Middelburg became a major trading and port city in the 17th century.

Tourism in Koudekerke

An annual spectacle for young and old is the authentic Walcheren ring drive. Here the ring riders on horseback race through the village to thread their lance through ever smaller rings. Traditionally, the ring-driving competitions in Koudekerke take place every 3rd Whitsun day. In addition, Koudekerke is also a wonderful base for cycling and walking tours over Walcheren and to the neighboring dune village of Dishoek. Furthermore, the bunker routes in Koudekerke lead you to a piece of history and origins of the village. The Dishoekse beach is a 10-minute bike ride from Koudekerke.


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