Zeeland & Walcheren

Zeeland is a collection of peninsulas connected by bridges. The Walcheren region is located in the western part of Zeeland, surrounded by the North Sea, the Veerse Meer and the Westerschelde. Tourists have traditionally come to this part of the Netherlands. Which isn't without a reason. Nowhere in the Netherlands does the sun show itself more often than in the coastal villages on this former island. Domburg, Middelburg, Zoutelande, Westkapelle and Vlissingen are just a few of delightful places Walcheren has to offer.

The beaches of Walcheren are among the cleanest in the Netherlands and offer a view of passing sea ships. You literally almost touch them here. De Manteling is one of the beautiful nature reserves of Walcheren. This is the forest area where nature is given free rein. Do you like the beach, dunes, forests, culinary delights, cycling and walking? Then Wacheren is the right place for you.

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Aagtekerke is a quiet village and ideal if you just want to avoid tourism and the crowds. The village is located between Domburg and Oostkapelle, in the middle of the meadows and polders.

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Biggekerke is a quiet village and has around 900 inhabitants. In the central point of the village is the Reformed Church, which dates from the 15th century.

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Dishoek is known for the beautiful beaches and is surrounded by dunes and forests. Ideal for long (coastal) walks, sporting activities and cycling trips.

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Domburg is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Zeeland on the Walcheren coast and continues to be a haven of relaxation, peace and cosiness. You can spend the entire day in the lively and atmospheric center where you will find an abundance of terraces and shop

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