Beautiful Oostkapelle

The always lively village of Oostkapelle is a family coastal town with extensive beaches and beautiful nature reserves. In addition, there are many activities and terraces where you can relax. Oostkapelle is a village that is becoming increasingly popular and is certainly worth a visit during a holiday on Walcheren.

Oostkapelle nature reserves

Oostkapelle is visited a lot by, among other things, the beautiful nature reserves. A well-known nature reserve is "De Manteling" where you can enjoy nature in peace. In addition, the forest is perfect for bike rides and walks. Along the way you will come across beautiful sights such as Westhove Castle and Terra Maris, a museum for nature and landscape. De Manteling is also known as the separation between Domburg and Oostkapelle. The Oranjezon Dune and Water catchment area is also a protected nature area of 400 hectares.