Enjoy at one of the most beautiful seaside resorts

Domburg is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Zeeland on the Walcheren coast and
continues to be a haven of relaxation, peace and cosiness. You can spend the entire day in the lively and atmospheric center where you will find an abundance of terraces and shops.

The history of Domburg as a seaside resort goes back to 1834, when the first bathers took their first sea bath in Domburg. From 1920, the seaside town flourished completely due to European influences that moved into Domburg, these influences were mainly of noble and royal blood.

Beach in Domburg

Domburg beach is where you can enjoy the ultimate. The beach offers space for rest, sportiness and relaxation. You can follow yoga classes on the beach or take advantage of the most sunshine hours of Zeeland. The Domburg beach has also been proclaimed "cleanest beach" by the ANWB on several occasions.

Events in Domburg

In the summer months, a seasonal market takes place every Monday and continues in four streets. Furthermore, festivities and events take place almost daily in the summer. Think of music performances, ring riding and various sporting activities. You can also take wonderful walks in the woods and enjoy the sights that you encounter.