Kloeg Collection stands for a 4-star holiday residence on the Zeeland coast. We are characterized by the ideal location (close to the beach and center) and the quality of our accommodations. Within the organization, we attach great importance to quality. One of our pillars within quality is nature and the environment. This includes a socially responsible (CSR) policy that we pursue with passion. Love for the profession and passion for sustainability therefore go hand in hand with us. We are constantly looking for the perfect balance between people and planet. While we create an optimal guest experience, we try to burden nature and the environment as little as possible.

Green Key quality mark

Green Key is an international quality mark for sustainable companies in the hotel and recreation industry. We are aware of the impact of our business activities on the environment and we sincerely believe that sustainability should be present throughout the organization. That is why a Green Team was put together in January 2020 consisting of employees with a green heart. The hallmark has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The quality mark guarantees guests the highest possible form of a comfortable stay in combination with care for the environment.

How sustainable are we?

Our Green Team is continuously involved with all developments in the field of sustainability and they ensure that this is also implemented in the workplace.

- LED lighting is installed throughout the building;
- In many places, this lighting only switches on during movement, by means of sensors;
- We have a VRF air heating system, which means that the heating and air conditioning can be switched on and off per room;
- Each room has its own thermostat. There is also supervision and control of the thermostats from the reception;
- The thermostats have a temperature limiter so that it cannot become too hot or too cold in the room;
- Because we have a circuit breaker in the rooms, lighting, heating or air conditioning automatically switch off when guests leave the rooms and the pass is removed from the card holder. So no guest means no consumption;
- The fridges in the hotel rooms have an A +++ energy label;


- Our showers and water taps are set very economically, so that we use less water without our guests being inconvenienced;
- We ask our guests to take the environment into account by not putting the towels in the wash after using them once. This means less washing, we save water and the textile also lasts longer;


- We use as little mono packaging as possible on our breakfast buffet. Because our guests can take the desired quantities, we produce less waste;
- The napkins at the breakfast buffet are FSC certified. The FSC system ensures that our world's forests can be preserved through responsible forest management;
- We only use sustainable printing paper, print double-sided as much as possible and try to minimize our paper consumption;
- Waste is separated as much as possible on the work floor;
- There is a 3-double waste bin on each floor, so that guests also have the option of separating their paper and glass waste;
- Our straws are made from corn starch and sugar cane and are 100% biodegradable. After six months these straws have broken down naturally, a plastic straw takes 500 years to do so;
- When purchasing food and drinks, we take organic, local and seasonal products into account as much as possible;

Food & Beverage

- Our chef cooks on induction, the most energy-efficient form of cooking. Induction cooking is also safe and efficient;
- We prefer to work together with local suppliers as much as possible, so that transport costs and CO2 emissions remain minimal;
- We prefer long-term partnerships with suppliers and other external parties;
- We have appointed a Green Team within the Kloeg Collection team. This person is continuously involved with all developments in the field of sustainability and ensures that this is also implemented in the workplace;

How can you contribute as a guest?

- Do not leave your heating or air conditioning on unnecessarily when you are in the room. Do not forget to remove the room pass from the holder when you leave the room, so that all electricity is switched off;
- After showering, consider whether your towel really needs to be replaced or whether you might be able to use it again. Do not put the towel on the bathroom floor until you want a new one;
- You as a guest can also help us to separate our waste. Therefore, collect your glass and paper waste separately and deposit it in the appropriate bins on the floors;
- Out and about? Explore the beautiful Zeeland surroundings on foot or by bicycle, instead of taking the car. You can easily and quickly rent an (electric) bicycle at the reception;
- Water is without a doubt one of the most precious commodities we have on Earth. Therefore, do not run your tap unnecessarily and do not stand under the hot shower for too long;

Would you like to read more about Green Key? Then view their website: Greenkey