A day by the sea in Yerseke

Yerseke is the oyster and mussel village of Zeeland. Yerseke's annual highlight is 'de Mosseldag'. This is a party where mussels are eaten and roasted all over the market. In addition to being known for its oyster farming and mussel farm, there is a beautiful beach on the Oosterschelde where you can relax. A day at Yerseke is indispensable for a holiday in the Walcheren and South Beveland surroundings!

Oysters in Yerseke

Yerseke, the place where oysters have been cultivated for a century and a half. With this history, Yerseke is the perfect place to discover how oysters are cultivated and of course to order a few slurping inside. One of the places where this is an excellent place to try is the Oesterij. At the Oesterij you walk through oyster farm between the oyster pits to an exhibition about the breeding and harvesting of oysters. You can then enjoy a delicious fruit de mer platter or a lobster yourself investigate. There is also a shop where you can buy oysters, lobsters, mussels and cookware for home. If you want to experience yourself working on an oyster boat, you can contact a tour boat such as the Oesterbaron. This tour boat takes you into oyster farming and shows you what goes on under water. In Yerseke there are many (fish) restaurants where you can enjoy delicious fish, crustaceans and shellfish. In addition, you can enjoy a beautiful view during your dinner.