Veere trade city

The former trading place Veere is known for its cozy streets with shops and lively terraces. In the 13th century Veere started as a harbor town and has now grown into a beautiful tourist town on Lake Veerse. The town has retained its characteristic features, which is reflected in the many activities that are held throughout the year. An example of this is ring riding, which is based on the folkloric tradition of trying to get a lance through the ring on horseback. Similarly the recurring ride of the chocks is characteristic of Veere because the man and woman in Zeeland traditional costumes ride in an antique wagon that is strung behind the horse.

Historical Veere

The history of Veere is clearly recognizable when you walk through the city. This way you can see the Scottish Houses that used to be used for trade. In addition, the Grote Kerk is one of the most characteristic building in the city, it was built in the 14th century and was used as a hospital and a poorhouse. Today, the church is used for exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and other festivities. The prosperity of the former trading city can be seen in and around the church through the imposing dimensions. Other activities sights in Veere include grandma's candy store, the old Town Hall, the Campveerse Toren and sailing on the Veerse Meer.