Grijpskerke, village with character

Grijpskerke, or Hrieps in Zeeland, is a small but beautiful village in the Walcheren countryside. The village is part of the municipality of Veere and is also known as the goaturp, because here goat breeding used to play a major role. Grijpskerke is known for its various national monuments. For the people with less eye for these historical monuments there is the annual music festival "Hrieps". This festival in Zeeland has since grown into one of the largest of its kind.

National monuments Grijpskerke

Munnikenhof is a former country estate of statesman and poet Jacob Cats and was built in the 13th century. The court in Grijpskerke is one of the reasons why the village became famous. The poet has written his most poems here and nowadays it is used for a holiday resort. In addition to the Munnikenhof, the Michaëlskerk is another beautiful national monument in the heart of Grijpskerke. The oldest part of the church was built at the beginning of the 14th century. Windmill t Welvaren is also an iconic building for Grijpskerke.