Vrouwenpolder village

Vrouwenpolder is a village located between the Veerse lake, the North Sea and the beautiful hinterland of Walcheren. The village is ideal for a quiet day out to relax on the beach and for beautiful walking and cycling routes. In the summer Vrouwenpolder changes into a bustling place with activities such as the celebration of the mussel season and beach volleyball games on the beach. Characteristic of the village are the Vrouwenpolderse Dagen, which usually takes place during the ascension weekend. For three days Vrouwenpolder is all about fun activities such as a summer market, small funfair and live music.

Beach Vrouwenpolder

The Vrouwenpolder beach is one of the most extraordinary beaches in the Netherlands, because bathers can choose both fresh and saltwater. This is because the Vrouwenpolder beach lies on the North Sea and the Veerse Meer with a unique view of the storm surge barrier of the Oosterschelde. You can relax on the beach and Vrouwenpolder is also the ideal kite surfing spot.