Aagtekerke, in the middle of "De Manteling"

Aagtekerke is a quiet village and ideal if you just want to avoid tourism and the crowds. The village is located between Domburg and Oostkapelle, in the middle of the meadows and polders. Aagtekerke is perfect for cycling and walking tours because the village is surrounded by the 740 hectare nature reserve "De Manteling". The further you come in the nature reserve, you will be surprised by many pieces of dune, old country estates and forests. Although the village is not directly on the coast, a visit to the beach is only 2.5 kilometers away.

Activities in Aagtekerke

One of the eye-catchers of Aagtekerke is the hexagonal wooden flour mill from 1801. On Saturday the mill runs and can be admired from the inside. For children up to 14 years old, the Zwierelantijn indoor playground is the ideal place to play. Furthermore, there are annually recurring events on the village square such as King's Day, flea markets, solex races and horse riding.