Vlissingen city by the sea

Vlissingen is a city with a maritime present and past on the banks of the Westerschelde. Nowhere in the world do the ships sail as close to the coast as in Vlissingen. Here you will become acquainted with the Dutch and Zeeland maritime history, the best summer events and beautiful beaches in a lively city.

Boulevard Vlissingen

Visit Vlissingen to get a breath of fresh air on the longest sea boulevard in the Netherlands, where you can almost touch the passing ships. You can see the pilotage of the ships with good eyes. The boulevard of Vlissingen is the number 1 hotspot and counted the most sunshine hours in the Netherlands in 2017. Because the boulevard is facing south, you can really enjoy yourself here on the Zeeland coast. The boulevard is filled with attractive terraces and in the summer there are various activities such as the (night) market, international top sport and business events on the beach and a diverse range of musical festivities.

Vlissingen center

In addition to enjoyment on the boulevard, you can go shopping in the center, relax at the cinema or attend a show at the theater. At the bottom of the boulevard is the Bellamypark where you will find various cafés and restaurants. Vlissingen has around 300 monuments and various museums for a day of sightseeing.

Maritime Vlissingen Michiel de Ruyter

Michiel from de Ruyter from Vlissingen is the Netherlands' largest and most famous naval hero in history. It is the symbol of countless naval battles that the republic fought in the 17th century. Because of his successes, he was appointed supreme commander of the Dutch fleet. The famous trip to Chatham (June 1667) had a major impact, with which De Ruyter struck the English fleet in the lion's den hard. This action was a first from a military point of view, because a new unit was appearing for the first time: the Marine Corps.


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