Lockdown December 2020: we remain open

Due to the lockdown, different rules apply in the hotels:

  • First of all; our hotels will remain open.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be consumed in the hotel rooms and hotel suites.
  • Hotel guests picks up their breakfast and lunch in the hotel restaurant. Dinner is served in the room. 
  • We can offer alcohol until 8:00pm, this can be collected in the restaurant. 

In this way you are very welcome in our hotel and we are happy to serve you. Our smile (hidden behind our face mask) remains the same and Zeeland is also beautiful in winter.

What does this mean in practical terms for your restaurant reservation for breakfast, lunch and dinner?


We ask you to reserve a time at which you can visit buffet for take away. You can reserve a time from 07:30am to 11:00am. Ask our Front Office employees for the available times.


Please order your packed lunch in advance so that you can pick it up at 12:00. The basic packed lunch contains 2 sandwiches (1 white, 1 brown), ham, cheese, milk, fruit juice, 1 piece of fruit, packet of rye bread /crackers, butter/jam/chocolate paste/cream cheese and the price is €7,50. You can expand your packed lunch with a smoked salmon sandwich or a croquette sandwich for € 4.50. 


We have put together a delicious 3-course menu for € 26.50 per person. You can place your order up to 1 day in advance at our Front Office. You should also reserve a time for us to deliver your dinner. Ask our Front Office employees for the available times!

For your convenience, you can pre-order your drinks for your stay. We ensure that this is put in your room before arrival. During your stay you can get your drinks from the bar.


Carpaccio or Tataki or Soup of the day

Main course
Venison stew with cold red coleslaw salad and potato garnish
Catch of the day with steamed vegetables and potato garnish
Vegetarian burger with potato croquettes

Tiramisu or Cheesecake

* These dishes can also be ordered separately.